Principal's Message

Dear Children
Welcome to Pathseekers...
The school is following a dynamic approach to holistic education in a stress-free environment. We promise to give you enough opportunities to play, explore, observe and engage. The teaching-learning materials are of diverse range and there will be lot of fun and excitement at school, both within and also outside the classroom. The safe, secure and enabling environment at Pathseekers will help you to bloom and blossom.

The entire team at Pathseekers is passionate about learning through participation. The participatory and experiential learning will help you become independent thinkers, good decision makers, socially mature, emotionally stable and confident individuals. You will have exciting experiences with the tools of carpenter, brushes and paints of a painter, machines of a weaver, wheels of a potter and instruments of musician and forms of a dancer. The fun part does not stop here but continues till the play field to discover, grow and realize your dreams.

In your journey through the school, we would always welcome any new ideas and thoughts for improvement in the school. We truly believe in offering a platform for promoting and imbibing values like –love, respect, compassion, equality, tolerance and above all becoming Good Human Beings .

With best wishes

Dr. Sucheta Jasrai