Our Core Beliefs

Every child is unique

  • The traits that make a personality make every child unique and different from all others
  • Every child enters school with his / her own unique traits
  • Every child's uniqueness needs to be respected, encouraged, fostered and developed

Every child needs to feel loved and secure

  • A child develops and learns best in a loving and secure environment
  • In a safe environment, a child embraces new experiences with curiosity and confidence
  • A confident child explores the world with enthusiasm and becomes a capable learner

Every child learns differently

Each child…

  • approaches learning with unique strengths
  • learns in different ways and at different rates
  • varies in ability to perform specific tasks
  • learns through participation by engaging with activities
  • learns socially by interacting with teachers and peers
  • continues to learn in different contexts: inside and outside classrooms; at home and at school

Development and learning is enhanced when teachers communicate and participate

  • Teacher-child interaction is key to quality development and learning
  • A teacher can learn from children as much as a child can learn from a teacher
  • Collaborative processes of discovery between children and teachers enhance learning
  • Teachers who communicate love, honesty and respect to their pupils receive the same from their pupils

Parents, teachers, school and community – a strong partnership is needed

  • Child development and learning go hand in hand
  • When all partners think alike, children develop best
  • A dynamic continous relationship is important across all partners

Our Motto

Find your Path Create your Future