Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

Education is a continuous process of acquiring knowledge, understanding and skills. Pathseekers aims to provide varied experiences, which are challenging as well as satisfying. We aim to provide a balanced and integrated curriculum, which is relevant to the child's stage of development and caters to the individual needs as well. Our curriculum aims to create equal opportunities for all students. We set high standards with realistic expectations.

The curriculum of the school refers not only to the daily classroom learning, but also excelling in integrated program at school. Our curriculum includes developing a positive outlook, a sense of responsibility, care for people and the environment and a mutual respect for each individual within the school and community. We have planned our curriculum in a way that is appropriate for developing the abilities of children and also to enhance their interests.


Our Teaching program is affiliated to the CBSE. As children learn by inquiry, research and experience, the school follows an inquiry-based approach. Project Approach is an integral part of the program. As children have multiple intelligences, we offer varied activities: Music, Dance and Theatre, Language Lab, Art-Craft, Drawing, Little Chef, Carpentry, Robotics, Composite Lab and Photography Lab. The curriculum is integrated across basic subjects of English, Math, Science, Social Science, Hindi and Punjabi. Visual and Performing Arts and ICT are used to explore themes as well as independent subjects for exploration. In addition to above, we also offer subjects like ‘Hindustani Music - Vocal’, ‘Hindustani Music - Melodic Instruments’, ‘Hindustani Music - Percussion Instruments’, ‘Painting’, ‘E-Publishing’ & ‘Foundation of IT’ as per CBSE guidelines.

Teaching Methodology

The students in the school learn individually and in groups and build on their own experiences. We give time and opportunities to the child to explore and acquire new skills. They are encouraged to use their imagination and be creative. Education is part of life and children are provided opportunities to experience and apply it in day-to-day situations. We believe in integrated learning, where the child gets wholesome learning experiences.

The school has always emphasized on developing an activity based learning environment because what is learnt by doing is never unlearnt and forgotten.

Emphasis is laid on inculcating 21st Century Skills amongst students and ensure that they become confident & self-directed learners along with active contributors and informed citizens.