Assessment Pattern

Assessment Pattern

Each student is individually assessed as per the CBSE guidelines.

We at Pathseekers carry out Assessment by way of:

Periodic Assessments

  • Half Yearly Examination
  • Annual Examination
  • Subject Enrichment Activities
  • Projects
  • Assessment of Speaking and Listening
  • Notebook Work
  • Practical & Lab Work

Assessment Areas: Scholastic and Co-scholastic

Assessment is divided into two terms:

  1. Term I: April - September
  2. Term II: October - March
Class Notebook Submission & Subject Enrichment Periodic Assessment Half Yearly / Annual Examination Total
I - X 10% 10% 80% 100%

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parents are an important pillar of the collaborative team at Pathseekers. We believe that Parent Teacher Meetings (PTM) provide a forum for rapport building between teachers and parents and for a regular communication of student's progress. PTMs are conducted regularly. Children should accompany the parents in PTMs in school uniform.

Special Education

We believe that every child is unique and has right to be educated and get prepared for the life. We are open to the students with special needs and cater to their special requirements whether in terms of infrastructure, curriculum, or activities. We have a team of Special Educators who prepare special curriculum for their specific needs and their abilities are developed in regular classrooms where they mingle with other children. Along with this, individual sessions are also conducted.